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Today education is no longer a system of ‘cramming and filling students minds with information but rather it is a process of self discovery encouraging them to learn on their own. It is said, “What is taught is not caught but what is read remains”. In this context school libraries have come to play a significant role in the present-day educational system. They are an integral part of the modern school set­up.

My school has an excellent and well set-up library. It consists of a large hall filled with shelves, bookstands and furniture. The room is airy and spacious. More than hundred students can use it at the same time. The librarian’s office is situated at the entrance. Here one can get the catalogue and see the latest arrivals.

My school library is divided into three sections: (i). General Book’s section (ii). Students’ Reading Room (iii). Teacher’s Reference Section. The Students’ Reading Room is situated close to the entrance and leads to the general book section while teacher’s reference section is situated at the far end of the library.

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There are over ten thousand books in our library. It was established about a decade ago. Every year the school purchases a good number of books. There are books on every subject including history, geography, science, civics, commerce, English language and literature, computer, general knowledge, etc. There are also a good number of reference books.

There is the entire collection of Encyclopedia Britannica which is a real help for students. Each shelf contains a particular category of books. The stories’ section is the most sought after section of the library. The computer section in our school is said to be the best in the region. One part of the library also contains a textbook section from where students who are too poor to buy the textbooks can borrow.

Students can also borrow any book of the library with the permission of the librarian. The front section of the Library serves as Students Reading Room. It contains some newspapers and magazines. Students can read them during the recess time. The teacher’s Reference section serves both as reading room as well as a room for reading up resource books.

Today the school syllabus and subjects being very vast, it is not possible to teach everything or deal with every aspect of the syllabus. The teacher takes only what is essential and necessary. The rest has to be discovered by students themselves.

It is in this backdrop that today school libraries have acquired importance. Education today is much more than mere textbook education. It calls for wider understanding, and requires much more reference. Moreover a good library encourages students to seek knowledge on their own. Libraries are storehouses of knowledge waiting to be used.

They instill in the young minds, the habit of reading, which will stand them in good stead in the future. The reference section helps them to clear their doubts while the reading room makes them conversant with the current affairs and day-to-day events of their country as well as of the whole world.

Thus, a good library is an asset. It widens student’s mind, improves their knowledge, clears their doubts and instills in them the habit of reading. Libraries help to make learning a self-discovery and a personal venture.

When learning is thrust upon, hardly any learning takes place, but when the attempt is done personally, one learns a great deal. It is in this context that today school libraries have become an integral part of the present-day school setup.

CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME...AS FAST AS you can!!! i have to do an descriptive essay of my library! my teacher told me i have to many run on sentences...i just dont get it what i can describe more, so frustrating! she gave me another chance to re- do it ...i have until tomo. please help me!

I have entered the library through its unfamiliar large doors. I took my first step in and looked around; I could see many diverse groups of students sitting with friends studying. There are huge windows at the back of the library that give a magnificent and outstanding look, while also bringing in a powerful light into the library. Artificial trees and plants stand in almost every corner of the library, giving it a unique and beautiful look.

The carpet was made thick and comfy so the sound of people walking by wont disturb the focused students sitting in the library, The books were properly organized in an alphabetic order so it would be easier for the students to find a specific book and not waste their time looking for it, The different wooden pieces in the library, Each one was made for a different purpose, a high table with its high chairs for the comfort of the tall people and the ones who need to use their own computer devices, The wide chairs near the huge windows for whom who like to read with a natural light coming from the windows, Along with other diverse pieces of furniture are present there each one serves and important duty.

The smell of the library is different. I could smell a new ideas just by walking in, the powerful smell of imagination coming from the laying books on the shelves that want to be read, The antique smell of the pages of old books, the untouched books lying on the shelves, the smell of the dust coming from these books, The food that students bring with them to the library, The smell of cologne and perfume of the students walking next to me, the smell of sweat of the students involved in a sport activity, scents from the pleasant to the wretched, The distinct smell of the unwashed clothes along with the cigarette smell that will have me depressed in no time once it crosses my nose. The smells mixed together made the library full of life because of the different kind of smells, without these smells going around the library it would be lifeless, I cannot imagine sitting there and smell nothing, that is just impossible.

Touching the smooth bindings of ancient and new books gave me a whole new perspective on books, The feeling of the thin and over used papers gave the book a strange new look, even though it is old, The weight of the books differ from each other, there are some thick and heavy ones which makes it more hard to carry around and the thin light books that are more easier to walk around with. The old tables i sit on have many rough and sharp splinters I could see and feel every time I sit there to study.

I Could feel the carpet underneath my feet, it is so comfortable to walk on. The piece of cloth on the chairs are made with the finest material for the convenience of the students, I could sit and learn all day on these chair and never feel a slight feeling of a pain in my back, the different wooden pieces around the library are smooth and clean, some has graffiti drawn on them by the students, almost every piece of wood in the library has it is individual graffiti.

I could hear nothing but the quiet peaceful sounds of paper turning and minds thinking at their best, the sound of the copying machines keeps going all day long unstoppable, the air conditioner turning on and off, the sound of the moving leaves of the artificial trees every time the air conditioner hits it, the students buzzing around like i am sitting beside a hive of bees punctuated by a few louder statements from the librarian to make the students lower their voices so others can focus, the whispering among the students, the chairs scrapping against the floor each time a student moves, I could hear the snoring of the sleeping students, the different laughs people make.

Hi, I do see what your teacher was talking about with the run-on sentences, although the essay if very descriptive and good overall.

Let's look at this first sentence here:
"I have entered the library from its huge doors that I have not seen before, I took my first step in looked around to see what does this place have, I could see all different kind of students with different ethnicities siting with their friends studying, the huge windows at the back of the library gave a magnificent and outstanding look with a powerful light into the library, the artificial trees and plants standing in almost every corner of the library gave it a unique look, a beautiful one."

As it stands now, this is all one could probably be broken down into about 5 shorter sentences, it would flow better and help describe this library in more direct terms. Here's how you can do this:

I have entered the library through its unfamiliar large doors. (This simplifies what you were trying to say in that first part and it can be a sentence in itself. It contained every element needed to structure a sentence: i.e. subject, verb...) I took my first step in and looked around, I could see many diverse groups of students sitting with friends studying. (Now that you're about to describe the structure of the library, new sentence) There are huge windows at the back of the library that give a magnificent a outstanding look, while also bringing in a powerful light into the library. Artificial trees and plants stand in almost every corner of the library, giving it a unique and beautiful look. So I broke this first sentence into 4 separate sentences.

From reading the rest of the essay, it almost seems as if you have a comma in pretty much every place that a period or a semi-colon is needed. Does it make sense how I broke down that first part? I also fixed a few grammatical errors. I hope that helps!

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