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We are a genuine UK company

Unlike many companies that outsource projects to various countries around the world, our essay writing service is UK based, and run by British graduates using British writers. We are registered with Companies House in the UK and are registered to pay UK VAT on all sales. Our strict recruitment policies ensure that any work produced by us exceeds that which would be considered acceptable by other agencies and provides our clients with materials that stand head and shoulders above the rest. We match our exceptional model essays, assignments and dissertations with exemplary customer service that is driven by you, and we also offer a huge range of free writing and time management guides that have been created by a team that’s been through some of the UK’s leading educational establishments and therefore developed very effective methods.

Essay writers covering a range of subjects

Our range of subjects is extensive – ranging from Accountancy to Zoology and almost everything in between. Whether you need help with Business or Physics, English Literature or Human Resources, we have the best essay writers in almost every subject, ensuring you receive 100% plagiarism-free materials that can be used as a resource on which to base your own submissions. From a GCSE level essay to a PhD level dissertation or thesis, we offer the essay writing services you need at very affordable rates, including essay planning, statistical analysis, editing, proofreading, critiquing, dissertation help, essay help and more.

First class service to help you improve your essay writing skills

Order an individually written model answer from the best essay writers in the UK and use it to create your own work, we’ll even include applicable references so you can undertake your own research and understand your subject matter more easily. Get a quote today for your next assignment and give yourself a head start with custom essay writing services from Essay Writing Service UK.


Every university lecturer has to grapple with the task of reading and assigning grades to hundreds of student essays on a regular basis. This can be a wearisome and thankless task, especially when there is little to distinguish one paper from the next. Given its tedious nature, this chore is often put off until more interesting work is out of the way – which means that your lovingly crafted essay may be marked by a tired, grouchy lecturer in the early hours of the morning.


As a student aiming for a first-class grade, then, your challenge is to submit a piece of work that really stands out from the pile and captures your examiner’s attention.


Amongst other things, this means that:

  • your introductory paragraphs must be clear, concise and compelling;
  • the central thesis of your paper should be clearly stated so that the reader knows where your argument is heading;
  • every step in the argument should be clearly signposted so that the reader is never left wondering why a particular point is being made.

Among the most commonly cited weaknesses of undergraduate essays are the following:

  • poor planning
  • weak structure
  • failure to address the question
  • lack of a clear thesis
  • deviation from the topic
  • summarising without elaboration
  • lack of critical analysis
  • insufficient development of ideas
  • failure to present opposing arguments
  • statements unsupported by evidence
  • lack of background reading
  • poor transitions between paragraphs

If you can write essays that avoid these common pitfalls, you are well on your way to knowing how to write a first-class essay!

Amongst the qualities most indicative of a first-class essay are the following:

  • comprehensive and effective answer to the question
  • strong structure and clear signposting maintained throughout
  • precise, focused argument
  • lucid style and outstanding professional standard of English
  • wide-ranging knowledge and exceptional understanding of relevant material
  • sound apprehension of context and rationale of ideas
  • awareness of the academic debate surrounding the subject
  • critical appraisal of a variety of relevant sources
  • confident handling of analytical terms and critical concepts
  • evidence of independence of thought and/or original thinking
  • accurate analysis and effective criticism of others’ arguments
  • professional presentation, with footnotes and bibliography of a professional, scholarly standard

To find out how Essay Writing Service UK can help you to write a first-class essay, take a look at our essay writing page. If you are looking for help with a dissertation, we have a variety of solutions available to assist you, from dissertation proposal to conclusion.

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