Narrative Essay Powerpoint For Middle School

The Narrative Diamond can be used as a pre-writing graphic organizer to plan a narrative. This provides a simple, basic story plan on which to build. Student’s can use organizers like this to help them translate their story summary or pre-writing plan to a fully elaborated piece of writing. The Narrative Diamond is needed to guide beginners through the development and the elaboration of a successful, entertaining narrative story.

The diamond is, essentially, a reminder of the shape and proportion that a successful story takes, as well as a reminder of the key skill elements needed for an entertaining piece of writing.

Consider providing students with a copy of the Writing Diamond for their writing folders to help them organize and develop their stories.

Remember – the diamond is not a rigid rule or formulaic pattern – rather, it is a basic guide to help students channel their creativity into what others recognize as story. In time, the diamond will disappear into the writing, providing shape and structure for their creative ideas.

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This interactive PowerPoint presentation and guided notes resource will help make the challenges of argument writing a breeze!

When I tell my students we're working on an argumentative writing unit, they cheer! Kids LOVE to “argue,” and when they learn the right way to present their argument, their essays can really pack a punch.

Use the PowerPoint presentation to teach, while your students take notes on the guided notes pages. The unit is totally interactive. Your students will be actively engaged, writing and sharing information verbally, the entire time.

This unit can be used with Argumentative Essay Writing , or it can be used independently.

Included are the following:
★ Instructions for use
★ PowerPoint show & presentation
★ Student notes
★ argumentative writing terminology
★ Sample passages
★ Real-life argument example (designed for kids/teens)
★ Writing an introductory paragraph
★ Six types of lead or "hook”
★ Writing the thesis/claim
★ Writing and organizing the main body paragraphs
★ Writing a counterargument and turn-back
★ Writing a concluding paragraph
★ Using transition and text reference words and phrases
★ Organization templates
And More!

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Thank you and enjoy!

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