Phi 103 Informal Logic Week 2 Assignment Risk

TEACHING THE ARTS2ArgumentsIs It important to teach Arts and Humanities to Children?Argument 1Premise 1. Arts and humanities help deter risky behavior in adolescents.Premise 2. Arts and Humanities are a crucial source of Social Relationships and experiences Premise 3. Arts and Humanities provides a broad spectrum of education in several different subjectsPremise 4. Arts and Humanities change the learning environment to one of discovery and imagination. Therefore, It is important to teach art and humanities to children.A study that was sponsored by National Endowment for the Arts, (NEA) showed that children that were involved with the arts showed significant improvement in not only academic life but in their social life as well.  (Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, 2016)Art programs that are for at-risk children are separated into art based programs art is therapy or art therapies, art in therapy. It focuses on the healing process for traumatized and victimize youth. It Helps create a healing outlet and a place to express bottled in feelings. This shows that students are more focused on completing their arts instead of focusing on what could be considered risky behavior.

ETHICS OF THE USE OF PED’S2Ethics of the use of PED’s in sportsThe practice of using substances to enhance performance is many centuries old and dates back to when people first started competing athletically (Bjornlund, 2011). Today, the use of performance enhancing substances has migrated from hallucinogens and stimulants into the moredangerous realm of steroids and other more potentially deadly choices. As the risks of performance enhancing drugs became more well-known, sports organizations began to ban their use (Bjornlund, 2011). In recent years, the debate over performance enhancing drugs revolves around the issue of whether or not they should be legalized and the factors that play into this decision. This paper will present a logical argument on one side of the debate, consider objections from the other side, and defend the position that performance enhancing drugs should be banned. My argument for this thesis goes as follows:Premise 1: Athletes who use performance enhancing drugs have an unfair advantage over those who do not use performance enhancing drugs.Premise 2: Athletes who use performance enhancing drugs are hurting their health in the long run. Premise 3: In order to be good role models for children and young adults who watch sports, athletes should not use performance enhancing drugs.Premise 4: Athletics is tarnished by the use of performance enhancing drugs and use of these drugs can negatively impact the standards and integrity of the sports.

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