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A Doll’s House by Henrik Isben Essay

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A Doll's House

Often in literature characters are presented as victims of society. There are many examples of this in Henrik Ibsen’s controversial play, “A Doll’s House”. Written during the Victorian era, Ibsen’s play would have raised a lot controversy on the roles of males and females in society. The audience would have noticed the constant similarities between themselves and the characters that are presented as victims of society. A lot of the audience would have found the play shocking and disturbing.

Torvald, a character who is a typical Victorian era husband, with a sweet wife, three children, a nanny, a maid and a well paid job; would have represented a large percentage of the play’s male audience. Only people, who were well…show more content…

It would kill Torvald, to know that society was aware of Nora’s actions. Torvald would feel ashamed that his own wife had to support him and save his life. “he’s so proud of being a man- it’d be so painful and humiliating for him to know that he owed anything to me (Nora).” Society works in the opposite way, the man is to support his family and to protect them against any harm and danger. Torvald resides to the level of society and comments that “often I wish some terrible danger might threaten you, so I could offer my life and blood, everything, for your sake.” (Act 3, pg92)

Due to society’s pressures and expectations Torvald’s only opinion and way of thinking is the same as the society’s stereotypical views. He knows no better. In society, women are just there to take care of the children and please their husbands. The most obvious example which shows Toravld’s need to follow to society’s ideas and expectations, is when Nora dances the tarantella and we see Torvald’s physical control over her. Nora pretends that she needs Torvald to teach her every move in order to relearn the dance.
The reader knows this is an act, and it shows her submissiveness to Torvald. After he teaches her the dance, he tells Nora “When I saw you turn and sway in the tarantella- my blood was pounding till I couldn’t stand it.” (Act 1),

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