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Marketing To Children Essay

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Marketing to Children

Don Carter

Grand Canyon University

Marketing to Children

Introduction: Today's society rarely seems to question the issue of advertising and selling to minors and is seen as a normal business practice. In the past this practice was frowned upon but in today's society marketers are no longer considered unethical for their actions. Children today are surrounded by various types of advertising which encourages them to consume the products they see on television, in magazines, at the movies, on the Internet and on billboards. And consume they do. Marketing which is geared for children has great influence on their habits and attitudes and there are great consequences that come with this amount power over them. This paper will look at the ethical issues involved with this issue.

The federal government, the federal courts, and some individual citizens have taken a growing interest in the ethics of marketing to minors in recent years due to the growing influence of these products on the development of our children. Marketers have become very aware of the powerful under eighteen market. Advertising directed at children is estimated at over $15 billion annually - about 2.5 times more than what it was in 1992. (Linn, 2004) Over the past two decades, the degree to which marketers have scaled up efforts to reach children is staggering. In 1983, they spent $100 million on television advertising to kids. Today, they pour roughly 150 times that amount into a variety of mediums that seek to infiltrate every corner of children's worlds. (Schor, 2005) With this scale of growth in the spending habits and influence they have on their parents children have become a leading consumer group. This has made them one of the world's most targeted consumer groups for marketing purposes.

Marketing to children raises significant ethical issues, since many researchers (and marketers) believe that minors are more impressionable than adults. Many marketers view children as an important consumer group to be used to fuel sales growth. Marketers are progressively increasing the money they spend on advertising to children because of the amount of money they spend themselves, the influence they have on their parents spending and because of the money they will spend as they enter the adulthood. Increasingly, the public sees this persuasive advertising to children as a form of exploitation.

One of the significant ethical issues of this debate is the ages of the targeted consumer group. The marketers target all age groups under 18 with little or no concern of their stage of development. I find this to be of great concern, a child under 8 or 9 years old have very little comprehension of the value of the products they are buying or...

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They see it; they want it. Advertising to children is turning a want into a responsive nag to a parent, like a reflex. Every media outlet advertises, and companies like popular fast food restaurants target children. In the process of fattening the children, will their reflexes get slower? At some point in every kid’s life, they see an advertisement for a food or toy they want. This want leads to nagging of the parent until they give in. Although it is highly effective and profitable, fast food companies should not be able to have aggressive advertisement campaigns targeting children because it corruptly brainwashes them and promotes unhealthy life choices. Companies, like Disney, have been developing their advertisement strategies…show more content…

The fact that the company would want a slender mascot as opposed to an overweight one is ironic. This shows that even before the fast food industry was put on blast like it is in today’s culture, they already were aware of the correlation between unhealthy weight and fast food. The success of the McDonald’s Corporation that is still held today reflects on the early marketing works of Kroc.
Marketing styles is not the only element Ray Kroc and Walt Disney can be linked through. Both of these entrepreneurs changed American culture through their businesses and set building blocks for the industry. Although they were influential, marketing to kids can be turned into a form of brainwashing. Thousands of children get hooked on fast food and other products that are unhealthy. Once hooked at a young age, these children grow up never changing their habits. This leads to dangerous lifestyles and the amount of obesity that is in our society. But is taste and familiarity the only factors kids are hooked on fast food? Have you ever noticed that McDonald’s is the only carrier of Disney products as toys in the Happy Meal? Kroc and Disney grew up together and had similar ambitions, which led to their empires helping one another out. (Schlosser 184). Staying friendly with

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