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Packaging Designer Resume Samples

Packaging Designers collaborate with company clients and creative teams in order to develop cost-effective, safe, and appealing packages for various products. Typical job duties listed on a Packaging Designer resume sample are discussing requirements with clients, analyzing consumer trends, creating designs, developing products details, providing cost estimates, liaising with suppliers, and using software to create drafts. Essential qualifications that a Packaging Designer should demonstrate in his or her resume are creativity, computer software expertise, research skills, communication, and negotiation abilities. A Bachelor's Degree in design or marketing is usually required.

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Packaging Designer

Lighthouse is a structural packaging design and prototype firm.

  • 90% of designs have been mass-produced due to print manufacturing background.
  • Structural designs for clients including: Proctor and Gamble, Oral B, Nestle, Pharmavite, Kevin
  • Increased business capacity by over 150%.
  • Implemented streamlined LEAN procedures.
  • Installed and executed Color Comp printing and die cutting service.

Art Director/packaging Designer

Directed all projects from concept, through all phases of design, to prepared electronic file.

  • Designed layout and graphics and prepared for print.
  • Created packaging specifications and constructed mock-ups for client presentation.
  • Met with sales department and clients to review and revise artwork.
  • Arranged for and directed all out-of-house services: plate makers, printers, photographers.
  • Organized office and purchased all necessary supplies.
  • Initiated troubleshooting of hardware, software and network basics.

Product Developer and Packaging Designer

  • Played a major role in launching the company's updated website in 2013:
  • Coordinated with licensors (Disney, Sesame Street, and Nickelodeon) in monthly creative meetings
  • Conceptualized and executed furniture product design, alongside engineers
  • Managed the license coordinator and junior packaging designer on a daily basis
  • Art directed still life and lifestyle photoshoots of each product

Product and Packaging Designer

Develop new products for mass manufacture overseas using Solidworks (Parts and Assemblies).

  • Design and layout die lines and package graphics for new and existing products using Illustrator and Photoshop.
  • Ideate and execute branding solutions including logos, color schemes, and graphic themes for new and existing lines.
  • Coordinate design projects as directed through multiple associates from concept to final delivery of assets to factory.
  • Handle multiple assigned projects with various and fluctuating priority levels and short deadlines simultaneously.
  • Create vivid concept imagery and physical packaging mock-ups for sales presentations to clients.

Art Director // Packaging Designer

  • Designed new packaging concepts to elevate national brand presence for licensed accessories
  • Supported Creative Director in reaching niche markets through targeted design strategies
  • Created new company wide Visual Standards Manual distributed to all retail stores for use as a branded directive by designing a specific informational graphics system using detailed renderings and illustration while sourcing materials and managing budgets

Cosmetics Packaging Designer

Researched and analyzed seasonal cosmetic trends

  • Purchased and studied "trending" cosmetic samples
  • Created mood boards based on trend research
  • Designed and developed company's products
  • Assisted in sales at trade shows
  • Assisted in showroom during market

Sr. Packaging Designer

  • Rated as a stretch performer by department manager for outstanding customer service.
  • Developed and lab tested an innovative carrying handle for portability resulting in a patent.
  • Leadership role demonstrated with the migration to Artios in the design department.

Corrugated Packaging Designer

Identify customer's packaging needs or root causes of current packaging inefficiencies

  • Responsible for design & development of custom cartons & P.O.P. displays
  • Recommend & assist with procurement of special materials or other items for packaging solutions
  • Present cost-effective packaging solutions to sales team, as well as, produce prototypes & samples for testing & customer review
  • Execute custom/standard conceptual samples & 3D renderings: Cartons & P.O.P Displays utilizing Data Technology plotter
  • Produce mylars for print layouts
  • Provide spec drawings to sales service team
  • Strategize with team on cost effective solutions regarding client's packaging needs

Packaging Designer, Toys/girls'

  • Packaging Designer for Barbie Girls Division
  • Developed creative and innovative packaging solutions to complement the latest doll designs.
  • Updated the look of an iconic brand
  • Interacted daily with overseas printers and factories

Packaging Designer

Design packaging for large exercise equipment

  • Review packaging process for manufacturing
  • Review and analyze results of in house packaging test
  • Communicate package information with foreign vendors
  • Use sample table to create packaging sample parts
  • Programs used: ArtiosCAD, Solidworks, Illustrator, Excel


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Packer Resume Samples

Packers are found on production lines where they place products in containers like bags, boxes, or trays. Usual duties listed on a Packer resume include weighing goods, sealing containers, using protective materials, keeping the work area clean, and reporting to supervisors. Based on our most successful resume examples, these employees are required physical fitness, dexterity, the ability to work fast and accurately, and time management. Most Packers hold a high school diploma or the equivalent.

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Profound ability to stock, move count and rotate items in line with operating instructions

  • Excellent knowledge of general warehouse arrangement, item recognition codes
  • Ability to read and understand documents for instance job orders, operating instructions and events manuals, time sheets, waste worksheets, every day production reports and the like.
  • Over five years of experience of working on the assembly line in different capacities
  • Proven record of performing a variety of assembly operations
  • In depth knowledge of setting machineries in accordance to specifications
  • Inspected parts to ensure that they meet specific engineering instructions
  • Produced and assembled parts for the assembly line



  • Prepared product for shipment by packing items according to order sheet.
  • Consistently met production standards by accurately completing product orders.
  • Maintained quality control policies and federal regulations according to factory specifications.



  • Achieve company goals by supporting production workers
  • Maintained proper stock levels on a line
  • Inspected finished products for quality and adherence to customer's specifications.
  • Maintain a clean, neat and orderly work area


Marked and labled containers

  • Measured, weighed and counted products and materials.
  • Examined and inspected materials and products in order to ensure that packing
  • Adhere to all policies and procedures



  • Sorted and placed materials or items on racks, shelves, and bins in keeping with predetermined sequence
  • Filled work orders and requests for materials, tools, or other stock items
  • Helped in loading and unloading trucks, checking in merchandise by means of receiving documents
  • Documented information relating to receipt, storage or distribution of materials for processing
  • Matched and reviewed purchase orders to packing lists to make sure all required items are included

Packer/picker Stager

Verified counted and inspected hospital supplies for shipments.

  • Unitized pallets using stretch film and steel/plastic banding.
  • Loaded industrial parts in gaylord's and placed labels on packages
  • Always exceed production goals by 20% or more.
  • Affixed labels, recorded inventory placing items on conveyor belts.


Assembled electrical breakers, following computer layout

  • Use of multiple electrical and hand driven tools
  • Performed troubleshooting on machinery
  • Inspected, labeled and packed product for shipment
  • Worked in fabrication on manual assembly of parts for breakers



  • Pack customers orders
  • Examine and inspect products to ensure packing specifications are met and ensure all components are together.
  • Verify that labels, boxes and country of origins are correct.
  • Pack parts in individual boxes, and place individual boxes into a master carton.
  • Remove any defective goods and replace them.
  • Record product and order information on specified forms and records.
  • Move completed orders to shipping.


Read packing assembly and quality sheets at assigned machine

  • Retrieve part produced by injection molding machine
  • Inspect for quality
  • Trim excess plastic, wipe oil or grase as necessary
  • Label parts as directed by set-up sheet
  • Make boxes as directed by set-up sheet
  • Help floorperson seal boxes and place on pallets for delivery to drop zone(staging arrea)only when time allows

Packer / Sorter

Working in the Factory labeling and packing products while following safety regulations on the line

  • Communicating line progress to the line lead on a regular basis
  • Adjust line work progress to meet production schedules
  • Recommends measures to improve productivity and efficiency
  • Coordinates activities on assigned production line
  • Maintaining neat work station
  • Assembly line and push table operations
  • Inspect items produced to determine if client specifications are met


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