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Academic and Merit scholarships for college offer high school students the opportunity to money their higher education. The amount readily available varies from program to program. Here is details concerning academic and benefit scholarships for college.

National Benefit Scholarship Program

Established in 1955, this program is an academic competitors for recognizing and providing scholarships to high school students. Students trying to find benefit scholarships for college can keep reading to read more about this program.

For entering this program, students are required to take the Initial SAT/National Benefit Scholarship Certifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT ®): This test is utilized for screening over 1.5 million students who take the test each year: and by fulfilling published program criteria for entering/participating. Inspect the main National Benefit Scholarship page for more information.

Barbara Hirschi Neely Scholarship

The Barbara Hirschi Neely Scholarships are for college freshman who have an exceptional scholastic record an unique individual accomplishment. The numbers of scholarships offered to freshmen is up to 5. These scholarships can be renewed on an annual basis, if the student is able to constantly perform excellently by preserving a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.3. The awards cover all tuition and fees. The total value of the scholarships is over $ 146,500 over 4 years.

The individual liable for Neely Scholarships is Barbara Hirschi Neely, who made many trust funds for benefiting Lewis & & Clark. After her death in Jan. 1990, these trust funds established by her were designated as endowment funds for aid for students.

Bridgewater College Scholarship

Bridgewater College awards high school senior citizens and move students for their scholastic performance through its ACE program. The institution reserves a considerable quantity of its resources each year for aiding students with scholarships and grants.

On the basis of students’ scholastic achievements in high school, course rank, ACT or SAT scores in addition to other factors, the Bridgewater College President’s Merit Awards assists students by offering them with awards varying from $ 11,000 up to full-tuition charge. For maintaining their scholarships each year, students are required to maintain an appropriate cumulative GPA.

Furman University Scholarships

Varying from $ 1,000 to $ 2,000 based upon requirement, the National Merit Scholarships renewable awards. These are reserved for National Merit finalists who have place Furman University as their top option.

EWNJ Graduate Benefit Award Program

EWNJ (Executive Women of New Jersey) Graduate Benefit Award Program has a priority of encouraging and providing a solid foundation of leadership development for the next generation of female executives. Developed in 1986, the Graduate Benefit Award Program supplies merit scholarships to who are women residing in NJ and are pursuing graduate level degrees at NJ institution of higher learnings.

These are a few of the scholastic and merit scholarships for college offered. Check out information pages connected to these internet sites to read more about these opportunities.

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How do I apply for the NABCEP Certification Exams?

1. Certification applicants should read the New 2018 NABCEP Certification Handbook before starting an application.

2. All applicants for NABCEP certification must complete an application with all required documentation, pay an application fee, and submit the application for review. NABCEP accepts applications on an ongoing basis, but in order to qualify to sit for any particular exam date, applications must be completed, paid for, and submitted prior to the Application Deadline for that exam. Please see the links at the bottom of the page to start or continue an existing application. Applications may be saved and returned to at any time during the process of completing.

3. To qualify to sit for a NABCEP Certification Exam, every Applicant, regardless of background, education or experience, must be able to satisfy all requirements for the corresponding certification.

4. Applications are reviewed by NABCEP in the order they are received. Applications submitted just prior to the application deadline may take longer to receive a response due to the large number of applications which are typically submitted at this time. Applications submitted between an application deadline and an examination date may not be reviewed until after the results of the examination have been processed. Applicants are encouraged to submit their application as far in advance of the application deadline as possible.

5. Upon initial review of the application, the applicant will be contacted by NABCEP via email informing them the eligibility requirements have been met and they have been accepted as a candidate, OR the application is incomplete and additional documentation must be submitted. Applicants who submit incomplete applications will be provided with three opportunities to complete the application and resubmit it for further review. If an application is deemed to be incomplete after the third review by NABCEP, it will be rejected and the individual will need to reapply and pay another application fee to be reconsidered. Please note: If an application is not complete by the application deadline for a particular exam, the applicant may not be accepted for that exam and the second review of the application may be postponed until after the examination date.

6. Applicants who are accepted as candidates will be sent instructions via email on how to choose an exam location and pay for the next certification exam. Exam scheduling and payment must be received by the Scheduling Deadline Date for a particular examination.

How do I start an application?

To begin an application for all NABCEP Certifications, Click Here.

How do I return to an application I already started?

If you have previously started a NABCEP Certification Application in myNABCEP, Click Here to return to the application.

Reminder: Completing a valid OSHA 10 Hour Construction Industry course is a mandatory requirement for all NABCEP Certifications. Click Here to Find an OSHA 10 Hour In-Person or Online Class Near You.

Fees (non-refundable)

To review NABCEP’s Fee Schedule Click Here

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