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"I have always been interested in criminology from an early age and have studied related subjects to it at both GCSE and A level. Whilst at college I visited a local police station on a arranged tour and it was after this experience that I became interested in a future career with the police service.

To achieve my aim I have decided to enrol on a criminology degree course that would strengthen any future application to join the police. Over the past two years I have also under took part time voluntary work with organisations that are involved in rehabilitating offenders and supporting the victims of crime. This work has given me invaluable real life experience of the criminal justice system and prison service as well as a deeper understanding of the reasons for criminal activity. I also now have a clear practical interpretation of criminological theories and research methods, both areas which i feel will be valuable additions to what i learn academically.

I am now looking to enrol at a exciting and reputable university and on a course that will help me to fulfil my long term ambition. After reading the course content of your prospectus I started to take an interest in your institution as it seemed to have everything that I was looking for. Furthermore during a visit to your campus I was also impressed by the helpful and friendly attitude of the lecturers and other staff. They all had time to talk to me about certain issues I was unsure of and freely offered me their expert advice. I therefore feel that your Law & Criminology School will be the most appropriate place for me to pursue my degree.

I consider myself to be a hard working, mature and responsible individual who is looking forward to the challenges of university life, both academically and socially."

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"Few issues attract more public attention and generate more public debate than those involving crime. Read any newspaper, watch any news programme and a story is sure to be in there somewhere. Its something that is part of our society and sadly a everyday occurrence for many people living in our inner cities.

The study of crime, societies response to it and ways to prevent it are all areas that have interested me from my teenage years. To me the reasons for criminal behaviour and breaking the law are varied and interesting, its an area that I want to learn more about. This ‘unhealthy’ interest in the criminal world has encouraged me to pursue the subject at degree level and to seriously consider a career in a related field.

My ambition in the future is to possibly join the police force, work with young offenders or be involved in the legal profession in some capacity, however I have not fully made up my mind yet. Whatever career path I do eventually decide on I have come to the conclusion that having a degree in criminology will benefit me by firstly allowing me to keep my options open and secondly by strengthening my application towards any job role that I do end up applying for.

I studied A level criminology and law at college and found that the course exceeded my expectations and was even more enjoyable than I thought it would be. The classes and workshops were very interactive and we had discussions on related issues where the lecturer would encourage students to get involved and voice their opinions. There was a good combination of lectures and seminars along with a lot of coursework that had to be done in your own time through research and report writing. I found this challenging at first but later on in the course I came to appreciate it as it helped me to become more self disciplined and focused in my studies.

Studying the behaviour of criminals or investigating their crimes will always be challenging. To help me better understand this field and to gain further experience in it I have worked over the summer months as a volunteer with a local Victim Support charity. I got to work with both current, and ex-offenders, assisting them through the behavioural rehabilitation process. I wouldn’t have met the kinds of people I did here anywhere else, the experience was absolutely amazing.

Presently I am looking for a course that will provide me with a critical outlook on crime and criminal behaviour  and also give me a strong grounding for any future career. My aim is to learn about key legislation, the effective management of offenders, the concept of criminal justice and the need to understand issues that relate to crime and criminality.

During my search for a university to study at I became aware of the reputation that your institution has for providing degree qualifications that are meaningful and highly regarded. When I came to look around your campus I got talking to the lecturers who were really helpful. I had a meeting with the course leader and she explained the programme in detail, it sounded very interesting and seemed to be exactly what I wanted to do. The modules on your course are set up to relate to real people in real-life situations whilst at the same time as looking at the wider theories. The material covered in them is also wide ranging, offering more than just the basics of the discipline.

Overall, I feel I have really matured and grown in confidence through what I have learnt at college and my experiences of working with Victims Support. I believe I am now ready and fully prepared for enrolling on a full time university degree course."

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Thinking about humanity nowadays and people's preoccupations made me realize the huge impact that crimes and criminal justice have on their decisions and the way they receive and react at the details and information about a crime.Television news, newspapers and magazines, they all speak about crimes, unsolved criminal problems or strange disappearances.

The world's evolution, its issues have pushed societies nowadays to extreme gestures to escape from poverty problems.Why do people commit crimes? How much crime is there committed around us?

Which would be the profile of a criminal and which would be his or her characteristics? Moreover, how could these crimes be stopped? I have been attracted to criminology since the early age of just 12.

I was watching Discovery channel series like "Deadly women","Life of a crime", "Most evil" and I was fascinated by the way those people were investigating and solving those crimes helped by only some fragile and minor details.

As time passed by, I realised that this was my hobby and so I started thinking how I could develop my skills for a career in criminology.I thought that if I entered an exact sciences high school profile,I would constantly keep my mind focused,as subjects like mathematics or informatics enlarge your vision .

As criminology implies psychology, I was and I am still interested in this fascinating subject.I will always be interested in discovering the characteristics of human nature.I had contact for the first time with Psychology in the second year of high school.

I also read very interesting books about psychology and criminology such as "Psychology and Crime Myths and reality", by Peter Ainsworth, "Criminology", by John Conklin, etc, describing its characteristics and feeding my curiosity. I have discovered myself a lot of skills after reading those books and this was an extra reason for me to attend to a Criminology course.

Besides criminology, I also like IT( information technology). As technology occupies a significant part of our lives, I thought it would be helpful to certificate my skills: I obtained my OCP certificate for ORACLE sql database course, I attended the ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) courses from where I got a diploma as a complete operator of the Microsoft Office package.

At present, I am attending the ORACLE pl_sql programming course which I am going to finalise in May 2009 and obtain my certificate.

Even though I have been focusing on my ambitious plans and my future, I haven't forgotten the ones that weren't so lucky when speaking about family's kindness and warmth. So, I was involved myself in volunteer projects every Christmas and Easter.The volunteer action is called National Strategy "The Community Action".

In present, I intended a new strategy to help the mentally or physically affected children at the "Orizont" Center in my town, Constanta. In my opinion, abandoning you own child is a crime and if he or she has a handicap it is ten
times worse.

As I am a very active person, I also took part to a lot of extracurricular activities, like: general-knowledge quizzes, chemistry contests where I have participated with the project "Water crystals. Crystal therapy" and gained two prizes, I am part of the high school volleyball team with which I won a lot of regional and national competitions, I had a job as an IT operator for introducing and validating dates within the POL-RENAV company, etc.

Considering the fact that criminology is my hobby (terrorism, youth crimes, homicide, violence in crimes), it would be the perfect course for me to study and improve at university. Studying the behaviour of criminals or investigating their crimes will always create a challenging future and an interesting one, having always something new to learn.

As a personal conviction, criminology is maybe the most complex job that one could want: it involves mental strength, devotion and 100% interest for this field.

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