The Worst Disaster In History Essay

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Holocaust as the Worst Manmade Disaster

The Holocaust was a terrible historical event. It took the lives of many innocent people. As Nazi Germany gained control of one country after another in
World War II, many civilians were killed. These crimes weren't as bad as the massive and deliberate and well-planned killing of more than fifteen million people.
Although the Holocaust was the worst manmade disaster in recent history, it taught the world the value of human life.

The main goal of the Nazi Holocaust was to kill all of the Jews in Europe. Hitler wanted what he called a perfect race. Anyone who wasn?t in his race or what he thought was a perfect race was tormented and killed. Jews were forced to wear yellow stars so…show more content…

The Jews needed hope, they didn?t know what to believe. (Anflick 9).They had been taken away from everything they had known, little did they know that things were going to get very bad. Even though this all was taking place, some people still fought and resisted. Their resistance took three forms: armed, unarmed and spiritual. In November 1938, the Germans rounded up thousands of the Jews and imprisoned them in concentration camps. Other countries such as Italy, Romania and Hungry were starting to follow Germany?s lead in their Jewish Minorities.
Resistance happened whenever Nazis imposed their rule. In cities, ghettos and camps people risked their lives to resist. In the forests and cities resistance fighters were killed. Their names are celebrated throughout the world. (Anflick 10).Jews didn?t give up. Many had the strength of God and that?s the only reason they survived In September 1942, the first wave of deportations from the warsaw ghetto stopped. Hundreds of thousands of ghettos residents had been deported, starved or killed. Only about 60,000 remained and most of them weren?t armed. There were under grand resistance groups such as the Jewish Fighting Organization that the end was near (Anflick 29) Resistance wasn?t an easy thing to do thats why not many chose to resist.

Resistance in the camps was even more unlikely and dangerous than in the ghetto.
Almost no one was prepared for what was

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