Your Dissertation In Education Walliman And Buckler Craft


Your Dissertation in Education provides a systematic, practical approach to dissertation and project writing for students in education.

This is a revised edition of Nicholas Walliman's best-selling Your Undergraduate Dissertation, specifically developed for students from a range of educational disciplines, including teacher training, early childhood and education studies. This book is unique in being the first devoted to providing a complete overview of the dissertation process for education students.

Throughout the book use of practical examples, summary sections and additional references provide the reader with a comprehensive yet easy-to-read guide to ensure successful completion.
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  • Paperback | 328 pages
  • 170.18 x 236.22 x 20.32mm | 272.15g
  • 01 Apr 2008
  • SAGE Publications Inc
  • Thousand Oaks, United States
  • English
  • Revised
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  • 1412946239
  • 9781412946230
  • 282,458

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