Mastering Biology Chapter 17 Homework

;10/26 Chapter 17 (Part 1) • Gene Expression = transcription + translation • Tatum and Beadle o One gene = one enzyme = one protein • Central Dogma o DNA makes RNA makes protein • Transcription and Translation o DNA to RNA is transcription o RNA to protein is translation o Eukaryotic vs. Prokaryotic  RNA processing, primary transcript  Prokaryotes do not have nuclei so when they make RNA from DNA it is not sequestered in the nucleus.  Eukaryotes Transcription occurs in the nucleus. • The RNA that leaves the nucleus is not an exact copy of the DNA. It is processed. o RNA uses U instead of T. RNA is the exact base pair set for the template strand. o The genetic code  Any of the three sets of nucleotides will translate into an amino acid.  4 bases  20 amino acids o Triplet code = codons  Each codon codes for specific amino acid. o Template strand  Codine strand.  3’ to 5’ direction.  RNA is read 5’ to 3’ o 64 = 61 + 3 • Redundant, universal, but not ambiguous o Redundancy is where four different codons code for baline. Never code for anything else. o Ambiguity o Universality  Can express a gene from any organism in any other organisms.  Example

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