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Ideology–Leadership Chart

Schumer is shown as a purple triangle ▲ in our ideology-leadership chart below. Each dot is a member of the Senate positioned according to our liberal–conservative ideology score (left to right) and our leadership score (leaders are toward the top).

The chart is based on the bills Schumer has sponsored and cosponsored. See full analysis methodology.

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Committee Membership

Charles “Chuck” Schumer sits on the following committees:

Enacted Legislation

Schumer was the primary sponsor of 55 bills that were enacted. The most recent include:

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We consider a bill enacted if one of the following is true: a) it is enacted itself, b) it has a companion bill in the other chamber (as identified by Congress) which was enacted, or c) if about one third or more of its provisions were incorporated into bills that were enacted (as determined by an automated text analysis, applicable beginning with bills in the 110th Congress).

Bills Sponsored

Issue Areas

Schumer sponsors bills primarily in these issue areas:

Taxation (26%)Crime and Law Enforcement (22%)Health (20%)Transportation and Public Works (11%)Government Operations and Politics (10%)Finance and Financial Sector (3%)Commerce (3%)Public Lands and Natural Resources (3%)

Recent Bills

Some of Schumer’s most recently sponsored bills include...

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As Senate Minority Leader, Schumer may be focused on his responsibilities other than introducing legislation, such as setting the chamber’s agenda, uniting his party, and brokering deals.

Voting Record

Key Votes

Schumer’s VoteVote Description
Nay On the Nomination PN42: Robert Lighthizer, of Florida, to be United States Trade Representative, with the rank of Ambassador
May 11, 2017. Nomination Confirmed 82/14.
Nay On the Nomination PN87: Lt. Gen. Herbert R. McMaster, Jr., in the Army, to be Lieutenant General
Mar 15, 2017. Nomination Confirmed 86/10.
This vote confirmed Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster to be President Trump's National Security Advisor. Although appointments to the position do not normally require Senate confirmation, the appointment of a Senate-confirmed active military officer to this position --- a different position than the one the Senate ...
Yea On the Nomination PN43: Mike Pompeo, of Kansas, to be Director of the Central Intelligence Agency
Jan 23, 2017. Nomination Confirmed 66/32.
This vote confirmed Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-KS4), a three-term Congressman first elected in 2010, as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. * * * Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-KS4), a three-term Congressman first elected in 2010, was President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee to serve as CIA Director. ...
Yea H.R. 5325: Legislative Branch Appropriations Act, 2017
Sep 28, 2016. Bill Passed 72/26.
Yea H.R. 22: Developing a Reliable and Innovative Vision for the Economy Act
Dec 3, 2015. Conference Report Agreed to 83/16.
H.R 22, formerly the Hire More Heroes Act, has become the Senate’s vehicle for passage of the Developing a Reliable and Innovative Vision for the Economy Act or DRIVE Act (S. 1647). The DRIVE Act is a major bipartisan transportation bill that would authorize funding ...
Yea H.J.Res. 124 (113th): Continuing Appropriations Resolution, 2015
Sep 18, 2014. Joint Resolution Passed 78/22.
Nay On the Nomination PN1643: Cheryl A. LaFleur, of Massachusetts, to be a Member of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for the term expiring June 30, 2019
Jul 15, 2014. Nomination Confirmed 90/7.
Yea H.R. 3606 (112th): Jumpstart Our Business Startups
Mar 22, 2012. Bill Passed 73/26.
Yea H.R. 4853 (111th): Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010
Dec 15, 2010. Motion Agreed to 81/19.
The Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010 (Pub.L. 111–312, H.R. 4853, 124 Stat. 3296, enacted December 17, 2010), also known as the 2010 Tax Relief Act, was passed by the United States Congress on December 16, 2010, and signed into ...
Yea On the Nomination PN958: Michael B. Mukasey, of New York, to be Attorney General
Nov 8, 2007. Nomination Confirmed 53/40.

Missed Votes

From Jan 1999 to Mar 2018, Schumer missed 58 of 5,997 roll call votes, which is 1.0%. This is better than the median of 1.4% among the lifetime records of senators currently serving. The chart below reports missed votes over time.

Show the numbers...

Time PeriodVotes EligibleMissed VotesPercentPercentile
1999 Jan-Mar8100.0%0th
1999 Apr-Jun11100.0%0th
1999 Jul-Sep11200.0%0th
1999 Oct-Nov7022.9%79th
2000 Feb-Mar5100.0%0th
2000 Apr-Jun12043.3%68th
2000 Jul-Sep8911.1%42nd
2000 Oct-Dec3800.0%0th
2001 Jan-Mar6300.0%0th
2001 Apr-Jun15721.3%71st
2001 Jul-Sep6834.4%70th
2001 Oct-Dec9200.0%0th
2002 Jan-Mar5923.4%48th
2002 Apr-Jun10721.9%67th
2002 Jul-Sep6111.6%43rd
2002 Oct-Nov2613.8%78th
2003 Jan-Mar11210.9%59th
2003 Apr-Jun15021.3%46th
2003 Jul-Sep10800.0%0th
2003 Oct-Nov8911.1%56th
2004 Jan-Mar6400.0%0th
2004 Apr-Jun8800.0%0th
2004 Jul-Sep4200.0%0th
2004 Oct-Dec2200.0%0th
2005 Jan-Mar8100.0%0th
2005 Apr-Jun8900.0%0th
2005 Jul-Sep7600.0%0th
2005 Oct-Dec12032.5%65th
2006 Jan-Mar8300.0%0th
2006 Apr-Jun10754.7%81st
2006 Jul-Sep7300.0%0th
2006 Nov-Dec1600.0%0th
2007 Jan-Mar12675.6%90th
2007 Apr-Jun11243.6%80th
2007 Jul-Sep11910.8%24th
2007 Oct-Dec8500.0%0th
2008 Jan-Mar8511.2%51st
2008 Apr-Jun7700.0%0th
2008 Jul-Sep4700.0%0th
2008 Oct-Dec600.0%0th
2009 Jan-Mar11800.0%0th
2009 Apr-Jun9600.0%0th
2009 Jul-Sep8900.0%0th
2009 Oct-Dec9400.0%0th
2010 Jan-Mar10800.0%0th
2010 Apr-Jun9633.1%82nd
2010 Jul-Sep4400.0%0th
2010 Nov-Dec5100.0%0th
2011 Jan-Mar4600.0%0th
2011 Apr-Jun58915.5%97th
2011 Jul-Sep4900.0%0th
2011 Oct-Dec8200.0%0th
2012 Jan-Mar6300.0%0th
2012 Apr-Jun10900.0%0th
2012 Jul-Sep2800.0%0th
2012 Nov-Dec5000.0%0th
2013 Jan-Jan100.0%0th
2013 Jan-Mar9200.0%0th
2013 Apr-Jun7600.0%0th
2013 Jul-Sep4300.0%0th
2013 Oct-Dec8000.0%0th
2014 Jan-Mar9300.0%0th
2014 Apr-Jun12300.0%0th
2014 Jul-Sep5400.0%0th
2014 Nov-Dec9611.0%50th
2015 Jan-Mar13500.0%0th
2015 Apr-Jun8511.2%46th
2015 Jul-Sep5211.9%58th
2015 Oct-Dec6700.0%0th
2016 Jan-Mar3800.0%0th
2016 Apr-Jun7900.0%0th
2016 Jul-Sep3400.0%0th
2016 Nov-Dec1200.0%0th
2017 Jan-Mar10100.0%0th
2017 Apr-Jun5400.0%0th
2017 Jul-Sep5300.0%0th
2017 Oct-Dec11700.0%0th
2018 Jan-Mar4900.0%0th

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Charles “Chuck” Schumer is pronounced:

CHAW-rulz // SHOO-mer

The letters stand for sounds according to the following table:

LetterSounds As In

Capital letters indicate a stressed syllable.

A change in leadership among Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee could alter the politics of the Iran nuclear deal in U.S. Congress, and possibly play to the advantage of the White House and its Republican allies.

Barely noticed amid a brief government shutdown and budget deal over the past week, Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) quietly took back his spot as the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, nearly three years after being forced out while battling corruption charges.

An outspoken hawk on Iran, Menendez could offer a lifeline to the White House and its Republican allies in Congress eager to rewrite the deal, congressional staffers and lobbyists said.

Menendez, who at the end of last month saw years-old federal corruption charges dropped after a mistrial, resumed his senior status on the committee just as lawmakers are weighing how to “fix” the Iran deal. In October 2017, President Donald Trump demanded Congress or European allies revise the terms of the accord or he would withdraw the United States from the international agreement.

Menendez is a staunch hard-liner on both Cuba and Iran, but it’s unclear if he will break with Democratic ranks over the Iran agreement. His predecessor, Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.), was no fan of the 2015 nuclear agreement, but once it was in place, he opposed legislation that would have sunk the deal.

The agreement between Iran and world powers imposed limits on Tehran’s nuclear program in return for lifting an array of U.S. and international sanctions. But Trump and other critics of the deal insist the agreement needs to be amended before a mid-May deadline, with stricter curbs on Iran’s missile program and extending restrictions on the nuclear program that are due to expire over the next decade.

The chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) is drafting legislation that would add tougher limits on Iran’s nuclear and missile programs as a trigger for reimposing sanctions on Iran. The acid test is where Menendez comes down on the Corker proposal.

“The first indication will be, what does Sen. Menendez say about the state of discussions about legislation that would meet the president’s demands?” said a lobbyist on Middle East issues. “That will give us a first indication of whether there is a shift.”

White House officials have consulted closely with Corker’s staff on the bill, and a more cooperative approach from Menendez could help sway the votes of some Democrats in the Senate, lobbyists and experts said.

While Corker tries to work out language that can secure sufficient bipartisan support in the Senate, he also faces pressure from hard-liners within his own party.

In the House, Republican Reps. Peter Roskam (Ill.) and Liz Cheney (Wyo.) have put forward a bill with sweeping language that would reimpose sanctions on Iran for an array of activities, including if Tehran used ballistic missile technology designed to deliver nuclear weapons. Corker, who will need to secure 60 votes (Republicans hold 51 seats), is likely to propose more limited language in his bill to win votes from across the aisle.

Menendez drew the wrath of the Barack Obama administration and left-leaning activists, including advocacy group, over his fierce opposition to the Iran deal in 2015.

But when Trump informed Congress in October that he could not certify that the Iran deal was in the country’s interest, Menendez sharply criticized the president’s announcement, saying it created “uncertainty among our allies” and that it would “embolden an already belligerent Iran.” The New Jersey senator said the “United States cannot afford to ignore our international obligations.”

Menendez’s return to the high-profile spot could see him lock horns with both Democrats and Republicans, creating plenty of uncertainty over key issues such as the Iran deal, Cuba, and even the fate of the State Department under the Trump administration.

“At varying times, Menendez is likely to be a thorn in the side of both the administration and [Senate Minority Leader] Chuck Schumer [D-N.Y.],” said Daniel Vajdich, a Republican foreign-policy expert and former Senate Foreign Relations Committee staffer.

Menendez stepped down from the post nearly three years ago after he was indicted on federal bribery charges that included allegations of abusing his post on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The Justice Department moved to drop all charges against Menendez on Jan. 31, after a drama-filled federal bribery trial ended in a mistrial last November.

Menendez is still the subject of a Senate Ethics Committee investigation into whether he violated Senate rules by accepting gifts from a friend and campaign donor. The federal bribery charges centered on allegations he intervened with the State Department to help the friend and campaign donor settle a lucrative foreign contract dispute and secure U.S. visas for several foreign girlfriends.

Throughout the trial, Menendez staunchly denied the allegations and maintained his innocence.

Sen. Cardin will take over ranking member roles on the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee and the Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee on Western Hemisphere affairs.

Dan De Luce is Foreign Policy’s chief national security correspondent. @dandeluce

Robbie Gramer is a diplomacy and national security reporter at Foreign Policy. @robbiegramer

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