Urdu Main Essay Allama Iqbal Ka Beta

Iqbal's First wife karim Bibi(1874-1947) came from a well-to-do family in Gujrat. Her father Shiekh Ata Muhammad (1850-1922) received the title of 'Khan Bahadur' from the British government in 1877 and was served as a physician. Karim Bibi's marriage with Iqbal took place on May 4, 1893(the same day when Iqbal entrance examination result were announced). the marriage was not very successful and the couple was formally separated sometime between 1910 and 1913. Iqbal continued paying her a stipend till her death.Karim Bibi had one elder brother and four younger sisters, one of whom mothered the famous music composer Khawaja Khursheed Anwar.

Mukhtar Begum(d.1924) was Iqbal's second wife and died in her first childbirth in 1924.Iqbal married her in 1913. She left no offspring.  Iqbal's marriage too Mukhtar was almost case of mistaken identity, we are told by his friend mirza Jalaluddin.
Iqbal and his family were under the impression that they had proposed the daughter of a well-to-do person in Ludhiana(Punjab), but it was only learnt after the marriage 
that Mukhtar was the orphaned niece of the gentleman. However, it was hardly an issue and Iqbal was quite happy with her.
Mukhtar had an amiable nature and fond of keeping pets, especially cat. Mukhtar and sardar become pregnant around the same time and it is reported that they affectionately decided to exchange their children.
Iqbal accompanied Mukhtar to her parental home for the childbirth and was much moved by her death.
"when i asked her minutes before her death how she was doing she just replied, i am fine, although she was about to die and knew it," He wrote to her older brother Ata Mohammad.
"To bring forth and ordinary human being into this world where he would not even live more than fifty or sixty years the nature gives so much pain to a weak human".

Sirdar begum was an orphaned Kashmiri girl living in Lahore when Iqbal married her in th winter of 1910.Only Nikah was performed on this occasion while the rukhsati was to be held later.
She remained his favorite wife. "it is a strange tale of love. i wish i had known the truth before taking the second wife," He wrote to a friend. Other friends felt a change in his life style: he would nearly spend all his time at home.
Apparently this new routine precipitated the completion of Asrar e Khudi his first long Persian poem and exegesis of his philosophy. Sirdar died of prolonged illness in May 1935, merely the few days after shifting to  their own house Javed Manzil, whhich was purchased and built partially from her saving and jewelery.She left two children(Javed and Munira) behind her.She gave th Javed Manzil to Javed Iqbal before  her death and Allama Iqbal paid the rent of house to Javed till his death. Iqbal never forgot her - he felt that her soul was in contact with him even after her death. "She has often told me that she has been judged and has passed the purgatory," he used to say. 

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